aMaSSit Mentoring Lab with Peter DiMuro during Class Exploration Week

It is only appropriate that it was Wendy Jehlen’s Movement Exploration class that kicked off the Class Exploration Week here at the Dance Complex. And it was a huge success, bringing in both new and familiar faces to what turned out to be one of the most well attended Movement Exploration classes.


Another highlight of this week is certainly Peter DiMuro’s aMaSSiT Mentoring Lab that is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 26th from 8-10. The Dance Complex first introduced the aMaSSiT Mentoring Lab in the fall of 2013, and has since received recognition from dance professionals both locally and nationally, including praise from Dance Magazine. The program features a series of lab sessions that focus on dance making skills and tool building for all dance makers, whether seasoned professionals or those still building their practice, in  all dance genres, ranging from modern to tap to burlesque and everything beyond and in between.  

In this special one night aMaSSiT “preview,” Peter DiMuro will whet our choreographic palettes with an overview of a few tools focused on helping choreographers explore ideas around knowing and un-knowing: how to allow a dialogue between the dance-maker and their ideas.   
The session will be reminiscent of the full multi-session course, which includes choreographic tools workshops, facilitated peer discussion and response,  and dialogue with guest artists.  
If you have interest in participating in the full course, scheduled to resume in February 2017, this workshop will give you a great idea of what is in store! 

In the meantime, check the full Class Exploration Week schedule and share with all those who have been wondering what you are up to at the Dance Complex. Tell your friends, families and local baristas about it. At least that’s what I did — and got a free coffee in return!

Happy Exploration,

Until Soon,



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